Twin Duplex

The aim here is to design contemporary homes housed in one building of two units duplex apartment. We took advantage of the sloping nature of the site to add more space to this homely building.

Private Residence 2

The residence features a place to relax, reflect and reload when taking a break from work. The pool area is designed such that it could also be a meeting place with nice sit-outs beneath a pergola covering to give a feel of nature. The site also features a sporting area with a large portion of greens. The pool and the green will help absorb the heat from the sun and offer a cooler and a fresher environment.

Private Residence

The client demands a very simple and compact three-bedroom apartment. We kept it simple but thoughtful. We paid utmost attention to comfort. This was achieved by ensuring all three bedrooms are cross-ventilated. The open living room and dining also improve the circulation of air.

Ova Estate

OVA Estate is a peculiar estate that responds to the need for a safer, saner and neater environment. The apartment designs speak elegance and style without tampering with the sustainability capacity of the homely environment.

MICH Ville

MICH Ville is a response to the ultimate search of a home away from home for people abroad paying a visit to Nigeria, yet still feeling at home. It’s a group of luxurious duplex apartments that balances active energy with passive energy for maximum comfort. It is amazing how we excellently met the client’s demand for seven (7) duplex apartments on a small landed property.